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We have moved to
Espoo.  Currently
Building.  We will 
reopen as soon as
we have our permits  

Karantie 2, Espoo 02630 

We are in Keran Hallit, Door J 407 It is the center row of the building where all the murals are.  Same door as our new neighbors Tired Uncle Brewing Company! 

Our new shop is under construction and will open as soon as the permits come.  In the meanwhile, you can purchase our beers from the taproom downtown, or from Tired Uncle's shop next door, Friday from 2 to 6PM. 

Feel free to come by and see the progress we're making on our new brewery.

Our Story

8-Bit Brewing is a Helsinki based beer outfit.  Combining a love of beer and games, we specialize in clean and fresh fruit ales that aren't thick, juicy, or sour.  They are designed to taste like beer first and fruit second rather than a glass of juice.  We also make a line of sessionable easy to drink versions of the traditional American Style craft beers.

All our beers are designed to taste as clean on the 5th pint as the 1st.  Most of our products stay in the 5-6.5% alcohol range and are designed with crisp and light malt bodies to be thirst quenching and still packed with flavor.  

We hope you'll enjoy our refreshing “everyday beer” style either after work in a pub, or at home paired with a great game.

After years of opperating as a gypsy brewery, we opened our own facility in Konala Helsinki in January of 2018.  And we moved to Keran Hallit in Espoo October 1st 2020. 

Craft Beer Helsinki

6 - 8.7.2017


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